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Atlantis is the third planet within the Eos star system, and the only one inhabited on a permanent basis up until the current era. Its surface is over 96% water and it features a diverse and complex ecosystem with supertropical to temperate temperature ranges and an ecology in nearly every zone on the planet.

Atlantis in The Concordat Era

Atlantis was purchased by the Terran megacorp Kincaid Aquapharm, a food and pharmaceutical corporation that wished to use the planet as the breadbasket of the colonies. To this end they spent several decades and a significant amount of capital in bioengineering Terran and Atlantean fish stock to live in Atlantean waters yet still be digestible to human enzymes. This required the establishment of several facilities on the islands, which quickly grew to cities in their own right. At the same time, Atlantis became a favoured vacation spot for wealthy Caprician and Terran executives and the various heads-of-state. This reputation as a tropical wonderland quickly spread, and Atlantis began an extremely lucrative tourist trade alongside its foodstock and pharmaceutical mainstay businesses.

At the time of the Concordat's collapse, Atlantis boasted a population in the millions and was considered one of the three "crown jewels" of the Concordat - the others being Utopia and Terra Nova respectively.

Atlantis in the Current Era

Little is known about the history of Atlantis after the collapse of the Gate Web. What little is known about the planet has been passed on to the Black Talons by Weire Cantor, an Atlantean hydrodynamicist brought to Caprice by the CEF. Further investigations will be required to discover the specifics of the fate of the planet.

Atlantean government and society has spread widely from its corporate roots, becoming ruled by a dual corporate/democratic process that knits together a highly active city state structure. With the sparse real estate, the Atlanteans have built Littoral and Benthic cities and have since thrived in their spread across the oceans of their planet.

The CEF invaded Atlantis late December 6121 AD (by Terran Timekeeping) and were surprised to find a thriving, powerful colony instead of a few survivors clinging to their storm-swept islands. Their invasion swept across the Littoral and surface cities with relative ease, but the CEF had no capacity to attack at the depth of the Benthic communities. The only attempt to commandeer Littoral submarines and attack the Benthic fleets ended in what is known as the Bluewater Incident off of the coast of Port Atlantea. It was a total rout for the Terrans and has resulted in a bitter stalemate that continues to the current day.

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