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Bastille Alpha is the only major prison on Caprice, situated inside Mt Valhalla. Despite its current use by the NEC, it was constructed by several Caprician firms during the long separation between that colony world and the mother planet. Outside of Botany Bay, Bastille Alpha is easily the most impregnable prison within the Gate Web.


Even were Caprice a utopian society it would still have to deal with a great number of criminals and convicts, having a population of 311 Million people packed into what amounts to a single, over-crowded city. Caprice is far from a utopian society. Bastille Alpha was constructed by several (now defunct) corp-sef cartels in order to separate the violent offenders from the rest of society shortly before the departure of Earth during the colonial period.

Over the centuries, Bastille Alpha expanded both physically and in mandate. It was simpler to expand the facilities in comparison to the costs of starting a new prison complex (Though an abortive attempt was made in the southern hemisphere, called Bastille Omega). As the centuries passed Bastille Alpha stretched down itno the mountain, oten with each new level dug by the prisoners themselves.

By the time the NEC arrived, Bastille Alpha housed nearly 1.5 million inhabitants. The crimes committed by the prisoners were often violent or unsociable, but many were sent simply for having offended the wrong corporate official or just running into bad luck in the stock exchanges. Bastille Alpha had evolved from a prison into a criminal colony, harshly ruled by corp-serf elites and squadrons of heavily armed guards.

The CEF and their sister organization, the CID, quickly took control of Bastille Alpha as the most secure means of holding political prisoners and opposition to their rule. As of LC 276, Bastille Alpha houses a major lab run by Elite Genome Labs, a major CEF detachment, and several well-organized gangs and cartels amongst the criminals - many of which are actively willing to face off against the CEF.


Bastille Alpha is perched atop the peak of Mt Valhalla, one of the largest mountains on the surface of Caprice. Here there are hangers and physical buildings that have consumed most of the peak, these being given over to the administration of the prison colony. This facility sports significant defenses operated by CEF gunnery teems, and it is rumoured there are several interdiction aircraft posted here as well, due to the mountains' proximity to several regions contested by the Liberati.

Despite the size of these facilities they are only the administration complexes, and the bulk of Bastille Alpha is dug into the mountain itself. There are few surficial features to reveal this inner city - the only entrance into the prison itself is half-way up a thousand-meter sheer face, where a landing strip affectionately called the Plank is found. This used to be used as a secondary access point, but is now only used by the more suicidal of prisoners wishing to end their lives in a kilometer-long drop.

Studding the base of the mountain are four defensive bases constructed by the CEF in response to raiding conducted by the Black Talons, in specific the activities of Black Talon 01. They are primarily concerned with air defenses, but have several ground-defenses systems as well. It is unknown as to whether ground troops are stationed here.

BT05 Notes

Caprician prison taken over by the CEF, used to hold military and political prisoners. Bastille Alpha is used to house the more dangerous subversives and criminals on Caprice, and is rumored to be impregnable. This massive facility has never fully completed.

The Liberati have plans for a massive jailbreak, including safe houses and shelters for all the escaping prisoners. BT05's interest, aside from helping the Liberati create more chaos on Caprice, is to also extract the family of Mariko Sanvit, the former head of EGL who is assisting the Black Talons on Terra Nova.

All images of the facility have been removed from public servers by the CEF.

Was BT05 held at Bastille Alpha? No. When BT05 was captured, they were held deep beneath Paladin Lots.

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