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Commandant Paul Gotah, the current Commandant of the First Black Talon Division, is in operation on Caprice along with all 15 of his teams. This is the information that he has distributed to his teams thus far. All information found herein has been determined by the First Black Talon Division. It is not a complete list, but only represents the information that Commandant Gotah has been able to spread to the other teams.

Black Talon 02

Black Talon 02 is currently assigned to running Terranovan Security Operations back home. In addition, they are training and working closely with the 77th Northern Guard Combined Arms Regiment, which have been selected by the Black Talons to be transferred to Caprice in order to help the Liberati and Talons defend their facilities and fight the CEF. They report that the regiment is prepared to transfer to Caprice in newly designed PTS Craft (Platoon Transfer Shuttle) as soon as the Westphalia Cabinet approves of the mission profile.

Black Talon 03

Black Talon 03 is assigned to operations within the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, where it has been distributing intelligence sensor buoys and monitoring CEF fleet activity. They report that the Utopian gate has opened twice since the beginning of 1945 and that both transfer events saw traffic moving in both directions. The second transfer saw a damaged Tortoise class CEF gateship return to Caprice, escorted by a starship cruiser of unknown make and several CEF destroyers.

Black Talon 04

Black Talon 04 has been assigned to operate diversionary operations in the Highlands of Caprice, in order to give the CEF an elusive target to fight while the other Talon teams do work on other areas of the planet. In this role they have been hugely successful. During this time they have managed to infiltrate a Hakkar mining facility in the northern highlands and from it procured a list of Hakkar executives, including their personal biographies and residences.

Black Talon 06

Little information was recovered, but it is assumed that Black Talon 06 was destroyed by the CEF in operations on Caprice during mid-1942.

Black Talon 07

Black Talon 07 was sundered during a raid on a Hakkar heavy auto factory in Gomorrah in early 1944. Since then it has been discovered that several members have survived. Two of these, Xochitl Delgado and Dimitri Theophilus have been picked up by Talon 05; the unit commander Blia Mariposa has been contacted but continues to operate solo.

Black Talon 08

Black Talon 08 is on operation within the inner Loki system. It has conducted two infiltrations of the Heaven space station in orbit of Indra, and report that the CEF continues to control the labour of the Liberati miners despite water shortages - mostly due to the fragile nature of life in space. They also report that the CEF has recently begun construction of two new water refineries under the auspices of Gallot Caprice.

Black Talon 09

Black Talon 09 was destroyed during a raid on the CEF-controlled Helios Transit Station mid-1944. Two survivors were picked up by Talon 05 during the raid, one Detro Takira and one Travis Knight.

Black Talon 10

Black Talon 10 is currently operating within the Cat's Eye Trench, and is gaining allies amongst the denizens of Alpha level. They concentrate mostly on logistics, and have amassed several large stockpiles of munitions and consumables which they have scattered across the trench. They report that Costa Moreia has been surprisingly helpful to their cause, though never officially - always through sympathetic individuals.

Black Talon 11

Black Talon 11 is in operations on the surface of Carthage, a planet in the Loki system. The planet has been mostly ignored, so Talon 11 is establishing a hidden base beneath the planet's surface as a fallback point for Talon teams, or for staging an eventual invasion. They report that the construction is nearly complete, and contact with Black Talon 02 confirms that the base will be staffed at first by members of the Joint Terranovan Space Initiative and by the 77th Northern Guard regiment.

Black Talon 12

Black Talon 12 is busy setting up an observation network to watch Paladin Lots. They have a lot of work left to go but the network is currently operational and connected to a series of supercomputers which are busy filtering out signal from noise. So far the network has detected several small occultation events in the Paladin Lots defenses which would allow a small team on foot to infiltrate in or out.

Black Talon 13

Black Talon 13 is busy kicking ass and taking names. Nuff said.

Black Talon 14

Black Talon 14 is making inroads on contacts within Venarow and Caprice Ships Interstellar. They happily report that anti-Earth sentiment is high amongst the staff and executives of CSI and that they are enthusiastically on-board any sedition activities the Talons would like to suggest.

Black Talon 15

Black Talon 15 is operating closely with the Liberati Jund. Being the newest team to Caprice, they are allowing the Jund to direct their activities while they acclimatize to the new conditions of the planet.

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