Campaign Custom Equipment/Base Designs

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This is all the various equipment / firebase supplies that are being customly designed from exsisting templates, or brand new for the Strategic game.

Firebase Modules

Modules are handy because they're easy and quick ways to assemble bases on the fly.

Barracks Module - Everybody needs a bunk
Command Module - Someone has to yell into the mike and give orders
Hanger Module - Let's fix some stuff
Tank Hanger Module - Designed to fill that gap in your armour
MASH Module - Someone's got to patch up the soldier boys
Ammo Storage Module - We gotta keep them guns somewhere.
Fuel Depot Module - Fill'er up!


Subterranian Ammo Dump - Grab the shovels boys. We got guns to bury
Subterranian Fuel Dump - Grab the shovels girls. We found us some oil
Airdroppable Supply Crate - For when you need those guns and ammo behind enemy lines
Communications Relay Tower - What better way to keep those lines of communication open.
Sensor Tower - For watching those guys sneaking up on you.
Electronic Warefare Tower - For when you just don't want those other fellas talking

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