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Caprice is a colony world in the Loki system, at the center of the known Gate Web. It was the first system with planets found by Earth during the initial gate exploration. The Loki system proved to be full of gate discontinuities. As such, it enjoys a prominent position as the first colony world and the hub of the web.

Caprice is a rocky, barren world with a very low air pressure. The atmosphere is breathable, but only in sufficient pressure within a singular deep trench system known as the Cat's Eye. The planet receives light and warmth from its local star, Loki, but has no natural water. All water on the planet is brought in at tremendous cost from the inner Blessed Asteroid Belt. It is also a geologically active planet, and is very young. It is presumed that the planet would have eventually been capable of supporting life had some natural disaster early in its life not evacuated most of its atmosphere.

Due to its position in the Gate Web and the wealth of natural resources on planet, Caprice was made into a construction and mining colony as soon as it was discovered. This tradition continues to this day. The government of the planet is not a traditional one, but a union of corporations. This is reflected int he mindset of the average Caprician; "Live Hard, Die Young" is a common Caprician motif. "Appreciate Well" is a term used as a greeting and good luck charm in the corporate culture, referring to the fact that Capricians work very hard to squeeze every drop of enjoyment and productivity from their lives.

The fact that there is only one area of the planet which is a shirt-sleeve environment has polarized the Capricians into two cultures - the Highland-roaming Liberati and the trench-dwelling Corporates (see Gomorran Corporations). The Liberati travel the planet from work site to work site, mining and sun-farming, while the Corporates live in the world-city of Gomorrah in the Cat's Eye trench. While both cultures commonly deride one another, in actuality they are both joined by a frighteningly intense zeal for life and strong work ethic.

Caprice is currently occupied by the Colonial Expeditionary Force's Third Fleet. As such, it is now once again a colony of Earth, this time under the ruthless auspice of the New Earth Concordat. The planet capitulated without a struggle when the CEF arrived, and the planet has been split between collaborators and passive-resistance rebels ever since.

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