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5th Black Talon Roster

Each Talon team is an autonomous group - a ten-man army fighting a war against ten thousand. Each member must be capable of independent action and each is a multi-cycle veteran in their own right, but they must operate as an organic whole in order to survive hundreds of millions of light years from a friendly port.

Support Personnel

The 5th Black Talon does not and cannot operate in a vacuum - it takes hundreds of technicians, strategists, intelligence personnel, logistics personnel, and others in order to make each Talon mission a success. While every Talon team is expected to operate on its own for long periods of time that is only possible through the thousands of man-hours put in by their tireless support personnel.

Other Black Talon Teams

Allied Individuals & Organizations

Outside of the Black Talons themselves there are organizations and individuals throughout the Gate Web fighting for freedom against the oppression of the CEF. Here are a few.

The Honored KIA & MIA, Resigned & Re-assigned

In any war, there are casualties - friends and comrades who fall along the way or are forced to the sidelines on the battles. These are those who have gone before their time, in service and stewardship of the future of Terra Nova and the former colonies of Earth.


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