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Neutral Individuals

On Terra Nova

Mariko Sanvit, Ex-CEO of Elite Genome Labs, Caprice : Captured by Black Talon 05

Nalda Peresalona, CEO of the Peresalona Air Service

Olim Peresalona, Wing Captain of the 3rd Peresalona Air Service transport wing

Willis Shapiro, Badland Trader on the Azov-Elyau-Peace River run

Annette Collins, Commander-in-Chief : Toledo Defense Force

In the Loki System

Jemis al-Bansen, Liberati captain of the ice-mining ship Tanziar. He is a late-middle-aged man who has undergone the Calcium hack, and spends his time in the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt with his three daughters hauling ice asteroids for refining at Liberty Station

Eleslie al-Bansen is the eldest daughter of Jemis al Bansen and nominal second-in-command of Tanziar. She has a reputation for being distant and anti-social.

Meline al-Bansen is the middle daughter of Jemis al Bansen and mechanic/EVA specialist of Tanziar. She has a reputation for being gregarious and highly social.

Sharah al-Bansen is the youngest daughter of Jemis al-Bansen and the navigator of Tanziar. She is shy and enjoys collecting books.

Boraine Aurich al-Bansen is the head of the al-Bansen clan of the Liberati. He is a powerfully-built (at least for a spacer) senior man, with a reputation for being serious-minded and pragmatic.

Dorchester Van Saar is the nominal head of the Van Saar clan of the Liberati. He is a serious and stern man who is used to having authority. Fortunately, he is also intelligent and moral, and is at least partially for the recent successes of the Van Saar clan.

Kellerton Van Saar is a member of the Van Saar clan who has recently become the go-to woman when it comes to anything regarding Terra Nova or the Black Talons. She is idealistic and youthful, and honest nearly to a fault.

Amir Mashell, contact in Gomorrah for the Highlands First

Killam Reisez works for Costa Moreia or one of their subsidiaries. His name was provided to the Talons by Captain Morris.

Captain Morris is a member of the CEF and as of 1942, had been providing the Liberati with assistance in manpower and information. It was a tip from him which prompted investigation into the three poison caches in Gomorrah.

Jaceksen Stihl works for their "Social Welfare Agency" - which is another way of saying he makes excess money go away. He is also a good friend to Karas, they have worked together before.

Neutral Organizations

Port Arthur, Terranovan City-State in the Barrington Basin

The Peresalona Air Service, courier and aircraft manufacturing company in the Rahnguard Region

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