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  • Charon, White Cobra Refit : Active
  • Erinyes, Nemesis Jaguar Refit : Active
  • Rook, Alpine Jaguar Refit : Active
  • Armand, Barricade Cheetah Refit : Active

Support Vehicles

Land / Air Drones

  • Assault Octopus, a captured, flight-capable CEF assault drone : Ready
  • Skag ASAT Missile, a long range air- or space-launched anti-satellite drone : Standby
  • OVNI Overwatch, a series of flying reconnaissance drones : Ready
  • Gargoyle UOV, unarmed ground reconnaissance drone : Ready
  • Rabid Gargoyle, armed ground reconnaissance drone : Ready
  • Wasp, a flying weapons or sensor platform : Ready
  • Fire Egg, a cheap, light suicide bomb drone : Ready

Space Drones

  • CEF Hunter-Killer, a heavy, long-range unmanned space fighter : Standby
  • Recon/EW Drone, a medium range observation or electronic warfare platform : Standby

Inactive Vehicles

  • Castle, Dark Jaguar: Reassigned, Caprice
  • Cerberus, Dark Cobra Refit : Inactive, on Terra Nova
  • Dart, Dark Cheetah : Inactive, on Terra Nova
  • Wren, Dark Jaguar : Reassigned
  • Dragon, Dark Mamba Refit : Destroyed or Refit?
  • Dash, Dark Cheetah : Reassigned
  • Red, Nemesis Jaguar Refit : Reassigned
  • Talaria, Dark Mamba : Reassigned
  • Sparks, Dark Mamba : Destroyed
  • Springer, Dark Mamba : Destroyed
  • Zealot, Dark Mamba : Destroyed
  • Uchiwa, Dark Mamba : Destroyed
  • Deacon, Dark Kodiak : Destroyed
  • JJ Mk I, Dark Jaguar Refit : Destroyed
  • Swifty, Dark Jaguar : Destroyed
  • Seeker Drone - Gun, a larger medium range drone carrying a directed energy weapon : All expended
  • Seeker Drone - Missile, a larger medium range drone carrying unguided rockets : All expended
  • Mine/Missile Drone, a medium range space-launched mine or missile : All expended
  • JJ Mk III, Dark Jaguar Refit : Destroyed

Common Equipment

  • Personal Weapons, a list of the standard and non-standard personal weapons carried by BT05
  • Weapon Modifications, a list of weapon modifications, ammunition, and like equipment carried by BT05
  • Personal Armor, a list of the standard and non-standard personal armor carried by BT05
  • Miscellaneous Equipment, a list of the standard miscellaneous equipment carried by BT05
  • Vehicle Weapons, a list of the standard and non-standard vehicle weapons carried by BT05

Payload Roster

Pathfinder is equipped and loaded for BT05's second sortie to Caprice. Pathfinder has a slightly larger-than-average vehicle bay for storage of BT05's eight Gears and a couple of support vehicles. Pathfinder's twin cargo bays have approximately 15,000 cubic meters of storage, divided as follows:

Detailed Manifest

Cargo Bay One (Consumables) (7500 m³):
 675 m³ (approx): Bonaparte, which doesn't fit in the vehicle bay
1410 m³ (approx): Various land and space drones, including Fire Eggs and Skag ASAT Missiles
 710 m³ (approx): Other vehicles not in the vehicle bay, including Sand Spider One and Sand Spider Two
1920 m³ (approx): Food and water, including 30,000L of distilled water intended for the Liberati
1500 m³ (approx): Fuel, including 10,000L of high-capacity distilled fuel for the Liberati
 660 m³ (approx): Forward base consumable equipment and defenses, including mines and portable labs
  50 m³ (approx): Personal weapon ammunition stores
 500 m³ (approx): Vehicle weapon ammunition stores
  70 m³ (approx): Personal consumable equipment (flares, tracers, scramblers, etc.)

Cargo Bay Two (Weapons and Equipment) (7500 m³):
 750 m³ (approx): Semi-automated crafting and smithing equipment
 180 m³ (approx): Black Talon 05 personal storage lockers
 575 m³ (approx): Personal equipment (tool kits, computers, medical supplies, etc.)
 250 m³ (approx): Personal armor, including space suits and G-suits
 200 m³ (approx): Personal sidearms, weapons, and heavy weapons
 650 m³ (approx): Vehicle weapons
 500 m³ (approx): Forward base equipment and defensive weapons
2150 m³ (approx): Gear repair parts
 500 m³ (approx): Gear add-on and replacement perks
 400 m³ (approx): Bonaparte repair parts
 800 m³ (approx): Sand Spider repair parts and replacement perks
 550 m³ (approx): Secondary vehicle repair parts and replacement perks

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