Gargoyle UOV

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Vehicle Specifications   General Stats
Name: Gargoyle UOV   Threat Value: 749
Vehicle Type: Drone   Offensive Value: 0
Production Type: Scratch Build   Defensive Value: 3
Cost: 81,000 Marks   Miscellaneous Value: 2,244
Manufacturer: Black Talons Werks   Size: 2
Use: Recon   Original Default Size: 9
Height: 0.9 meters   Indv. Lemon Dice: 1
Length: 1.6 meters   Crew: 0
Width: 1.2 meters   Bonus Actions: 1
Avg. Armor Thickness: 2mm
Armor Material: Ceramic   Armor
Standard Op. Weight: 140 kg   Light Damage: 2
Primary Move Mode: Walker (36 kph)   Heavy Damage: 4
Secondary Move Mode: None   Overkill: 6
Deployment Range: 100 km
Sensor Range: 2 km   Vehicle Availability
Communication Range: 5 km   Availability Threshhold: 0
Powerplant: Fuel Cell   Max Number on Field: 1
Engine Output: 110hp  
Electronics   Primary Move Mode: Walker
Sensors: +1   Combat Speed: 3
Communications: +1   Top Speed: 6
Fire Control: -5   Secondary Move Mode: None
    Combat Speed:
    Top Speed:
    Maneuver: -2


Quantity Name Code Arc ACC Damage Range ROF Ammo Special


Name Rating Game Effects AUX
 Add rating to Concealment
 Low Profile
 +1 Concealment while in obscurement
 Artificial Intelligence
 Acts as 1 Crew
 Tool Arm
 Cannot punch


Name Rating Game Effects
 Exposed Auxiliary Systems
 "Aux" hits are one step worse
 Exposed Movement System
 "Movement" hits are one step worse
 Sensor Dependent
 Must rely on sensors in combat


Name Rating Game Effects

Designer Notes

The Gargoyle UOV (unmanned observation vehicle) is a small walker drone for Black Talon teams. It is designed to provide forward reconnaissance and observation capabilities, limiting the team's exposure to enemy forces in proximity to an objective. The Gargoyle is a flexible-tread design equipped with stealth systems and an artificial intelligence control system. The extendable treads can adapt themselves to the ground features as well as a Gear's legs, are less complex mechanically and can retract within the body of the drone for easier transport and storage.

The drone can be operated at a range of up to one kilometer via a fiber optic connection, but its greatest strength is the artificial intelligence system. The artificial intelligence system allows the Gargoyle to perform autonomous reconnaissance using its internal operational directives and team-programmed mission commands. The artificial intelligence performs exceptionally well, even hiding and remaining inactive if it decides there is a significant chance of being detected if it moves. The Gargoyle will also make use of cover in conjunction with its small size and stealth system to avoid detection.

Since the Gargoyle is small, light, and equipped with its own stealth system, it can be carried by any Dark series Gear on an unused weapon hardpoint without affecting the performance of the Gear's own stealth system. The onboard system records visible, infrared, and ultraviolet images for fiber optic transmission or playback using a 360° panoramic video system. It also contains a self-destruct device for use if detected or fired upon.

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