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Interstellar travel is possible through the discovery and use of what is commonly called "Gate discontinuities". These are natural inconsistancies in the fabric of space-time that may be exploited to open worm-holes between two locations. They are formed on the edges of solar systems roughly within the Oort cloud (The cloud of stellar debris that surrounds all star systems) and link system to system in a spider web known as the Gate Web. By adding a great deal of energy into a gate discontinuity through use of a Gateship, gates are opened between systems that ships can then pass through.

Most gates that are found lead to dead-end systems with no planets and no further gate discontinuities. However, one or two systems found have proven to be particularily rich in gate discontinuities, and it is from these gates that humanity has spread through the stars. It has been conjectured by the top Terranovan scientists (notably Black Talon physicist Gawaine di Smitt) that micro-discontinuities may be found within systems deep within the gravity wells of gas supergiants. Third generation gate-drive systems have been developed to scour the Oort cloud for smaller gates as well as within the Terranovan system near the gas giants...

The Known Gate Web

The known Gate Web (That portion of the web which has been charted and explored) centers around the Loki system, which is the home of the colony world Caprice. From here there are four arms:

The Terran arm connects Earth to Caprice. There is a single system in between the two, Portal.

The Utopian arm connects Utopia to Caprice, and from Utopia, two arms extend - one to Botany Bay and the other to Jotunheim.

The Atlantean arm leads to Atlantis, and from there, branches out to Eden and Home. Home then leads to New Jerusalem.

The Terranovan arm leads to Terra Nova, the home of the Black Talons and focus of the game. There are several dead-end gates leading from Terra Nova but otherwise there are no further arms.

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