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Gomorrah is the only city on Caprice, a massive structure with a comparative size of Japan or Rangstadt on Earth. It is located within the Cat's Eye trench, where the greater depth allows a breathable atmosphere and warm enough temperatures that the populace can live in a shirtsleeve environment.

Gomorrah is found within the Cat's Eye trench, which is surrounded by several other noteworthy features. The North Tachyon Hub connects Gomorrah to the Sigma Depression, and from there out to the rest of the mining centers in the highlands of Caprice. To the south of the trench is found the Vega Starport which is a major lifeline of the city to the ice mining fleets that operate within the system, as well as the major port used by the CEF, CID and any visiting NEC dignitaries.


Gomorrah is actually several cities which have ingrown together over the centuries into one large structure. Due to the premium on living space within the trench the city is composed of layers. Structures are supported by massive pilings and girders buried deep into the bedrock of the trench and are connected by suspended roadways, pedways, and rails along any given level, and by elevators, ladders, and stairs between levels.

The levels start with Delta on the top, then proceed through Gamma, and Beta. At the bottom is Alpha. Because of the varying height of the trench and the presence of various mesas, any given spot in the city may lack a level or two.

Delta & Gamma Levels

Delta and Gamma are the nicer of the four levels, being distant from the trash and support infrastructure that makes them possible.

Beta & Alpha Levels

The Alpha level is quite simply a mess. Supports the size of buildings rise up from the sometimes slimy, sometimes dry rocky floor of the trench. Garbage is strwen about along with rubble and the destridus of the city above. All about is a slightly noxious odour. It is like a sprawling junkyard that goes on to the horizon. Gangs are present here, as are a good deal of impromptu combat mount fighting arenas. Anyone visiting this level is encouraged to be quite cautious and well armed, as in addition to threats from gangs there are also numerous wild animals that will happily consume human flesh instead of the garbage.

As of 1942, it was still possible to obtain bootleg "import" trivids on most Beta* levels.

Early Caprice missions had the level order backwards. This has been corrected where mentioned in the wiki.

Hubs & Sectors

There are several hubs within the world-city, each one corresponding to an early city within the trench and are often named after the founding company. They are:

  • Venarow Hub, found within the Cartman Trench
  • Envry Hub, found near the Fahd Arm of the Cat's Eye
  • Dardiann Venture
  • BFT Heights, found near the Genji Trench
  • Friendman-Serby Hub
  • Babylon Summit
  • Gallot Hub, found near the Umberto Arm
  • Paladin Lots
  • Gomorrah Hub
  • Mineral Forest Hub, found near the Tourmaline Trench
  • Cayonn Hub, found near the Callway Trench

Gomorrah is criss-crossed with a sophisticated rail transport network run by Tachyon Rail, allowing easy and fast transport from one end of the world-city to another. Despite this, it can sometimes take over three days to cross the city by rail. Time-sensitive trips will often use jet or suborbital transport if the distance is great.


Gomorran political life is dominated exclusively by corporations. For an overview of these foundational organizations and their impact on the World City, please see the page on Gomorran Corporations

Please see the Slang entry for information on the unique manner of Gommoran speech.

The Gomorrans embrace a strongly individualistic capitalist culture. Most new visitors are caught completely surprised by the rebellious and individualistic streak found in most Gomorrans. Common presupposition found on other planets is that Capricians in general, and Gomorrans in specific, are hive-minded slaves to their corporate masters.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The idea of "life is what you make of it" is fully realized within the conceptual Gomorran. Corporate ideals stress excellence, and the majority of companies on the planet push their employees to excel through vigorous competition with their co-workers and with other companies. This, combined with a strong respect for superiors, has evolved the companies and workers of Caprice into the most aggressive, efficient and ruthless corporate bodies mankind has ever seen.

While Gomorrans work hard, they also play hard. Serious recreation within the world-city almost invariably involves some sort of risk, as the Gomorrans believe that a life lived without risk is a wasted one. To this effect the Gomorrans have reintroduced blood-sport reminiscent of the roman circus, risk-taking adventures, and other dangerous hobbies. Even within their cinema and literature, the ideal Gomorran is a foolhardy winner-take-all daredevil who's willing to risk everything, sometimes even for little gain other than the experience.

This being said, few Gomorrans are willing to throw their lives away for poorly-calculated risks. Many of them consider the occasional wild party enough of a stress relief away from the bloodthirsty corporate life and will rarely engage in terrible risks. When presented with dangerous options, however, few Gommorans will shy away.

Talon Intelligence

The CEF have placed storage tanks within three mesas in the Trench City that are filled with a poison deadly to anyone with the Caprician drift genome. The poison, created by EGL, also has a counteragent being worked on secretly by that same company.

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