Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt

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The Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, also referred to as the Outer Blessed Asteroid Belt on some charts (and called "C-BOB" by many Black Talon teams), is the outermost asteroid belt in the Loki system. It is an icy rim that extends several million kilometers from the orbit of Indra out to the Oort cloud itself. The asteroids found within the belt are composed mostly of water, ammonia and methane ices, though other ices and occasional rocky mixes can be found within.

Caprice is dependent upon ice mining operations within the Greater Blessed asteroid belt for all of its water resources and a great deal of other volatiles - there are very few natural gasses or liquids upon the surface of the planet. Ice, either in chunks from broken asteroids or in the form of whole towed asteroids, is brought to refinery stations in the orbit of Indra, where they are melted down and separated into constituent molecules through the use of massive centrifuges. From here the ices are then re-frozen and sling-shotted around the gravity well of Indra, under escort to Caprice.

So far the growth of the Gomorran ice mining fleet has kept up with the growth of the population, though only barely at times. Liberati miners are commonly used for running the ships (which are generally kept in Corporate hands), making the Belt one of the few places in the system where Corporates and Liberati actually get along. The introduction of the CEF to this delicate situation has undermined that balance, however, polarizing the space-faring factions of the Loki system between "collabos" and "deviants." With the CEF siphoning off a growing portion of Caprician ice-mining efforts, and the introduction of the Black Talons to the picture, it is only a question of time before the situation turns violent.

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