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Heaven Station is a collection of facilities that exists within the shadow of a large moon, Arjuna, in the orbit of Indra. These facilities have existed for well over three thousand years in some form or another, beginning as a humble refuelling station for ships in between the belt and Caprice. These have been expanded, rebuilt, and modified as time passed to the present day, where Liberty is a massive, multi-station facility designed upon the same founding ideals as Gomorrah itself.


The main station at Heaven is known as Nirvana. It is a massive cylinder which is slowly spun to produce gravity on the inside edge. All of the air, water, and materials inside of it have been provided through ice mining, leaving the station relatively wealthy - standards of living on Nirvana are considered some of the best in the system. The average Terranovan would be horrified to learn this, finding Nirvana to be dark, claustrophobic, and crowded. To the average Gomorran, however, this is home.

Nirvana caters to a large community of miners who come to the station to relax, rebuild muscle mass after several seasons in zero gravity, and spent their fat paycheques. Accomodations range from a barracks-style bunk for the frugal to an opulent stateroom for those miners who are feeling flush. Money is also lost in the many casinoes, bars, and other entertainment spots.


This secondary station is in fact attached to Nirvana through an axle upon the larger stations' center. Zion offers similar facilities to Nirvana but offers them in a zero-gravity environment. This facility is provided for those who have come to Heaven from Gomorrah strictly as a vacation, or for those miners who have taken a calcium hack and are ill-suited to life in a significant gravity well.

The Scaffold

This is actually not a scaffold so much as it is a docking station designed to keep visiting ships from drifting. Shuttle services are at regular intervals between the Scaffold and either Zion or Nirvana. The stations large fleet of tugboats is also berthed here when not working.

The Scaffold is also the location of Heaven's repair services. For a fee, anyone can berth in one of the "cans" and make use of the Scaffolds' excellent mechanics, or simply use the pressurized bay to do repairs on their own.

The Devil's Drums

The Devil's Drums are where the refining process takes place. These massive cylinders are connected on one end to an outgassing chamber where solar (and Indran!) heat is used to melt ice asteroids down. From here they are pumped into the centrifuges from which the refineries get their name, which separates the gasses into their constituent materials - these are pumped into holding tanks where they are pressurized and used for fuel or brought back to Caprice for sale.

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