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Out of Character

<Marcy> Or, y'know. They'll send me cool stuff. Like gift baskets only instead of being filled with candy and popcorn it's filled with weapons and ammunition.
<Marcy> But retains the basket, pastel colors, and the ribbons.
<Marcy> Making it a package of satire and irony.

<Itzpapalotl> How impartial -are- the judges? Like, "maybe for a thousand dollars under the table" impartial or "maybe for a hand job under the table" impartial?

<Gabriel> ::nods:: We're getting pushed off the rails a bit. I think we had a plan, and now we're back in a react mode.

<Ardelmos> Running into a nuke will do that.

<Ardelmos> So will shooting and dragging off an individual with no warning.  ;-)

<Dimitri> There was plenty of warning ;) I did bring a gun with me afterall

<Detro> "Hi Commandant. It's Detro again. We got a davy crockett here, and was wondering if you knew of a good place that accepts nukes for recycling..."

<Detro> Ah, here he is. He'll explain everything. <Tynes> No I won't. Bye. <Detro> ::blinks as Tynes walks away:: Uh...

<Savant> Four if you tell me what your favourite event of the night was.

<Dimitri> The shock on everyones face when I pew pewed Blia.

<Detro> ::grins:: Seeing Tynes go apeshit over someone messing up his plans again.

<Caelin> lol yeah

<Ardelmos> Yeah, that.

<Gabriel> Roland actually questioning an order from Gabriel.

<Gabriel> Apparently, the man does have a limit, somewhere.

<Gabriel> Pity.  ;)

<Dimitri> Roland questioned an order? I missed that

<Ardelmos> What order?

<Gabriel> Gabriel said, "go in." Roland said, "there's 35 guys there."

<Gabriel> Like Chuck Norris couldn't take 35 guys.

<Delgado> hah

<Gabriel> Roland had a tiny moment of doubt. That isn't a great moment. That's a historic moment.  ;)

<Ardelmos> You said prepare to go in. I was just telling you how many people were gonna die.  ;-)

<@Caelin> nukes, nukes and more nukes

<@Gabriel> ::coughs:: Sorry.

<Farrell> My question is, do you know her well enough to have an idea of what her plans are?

<Itzpapalotl> Then I'll come back and brainstorm.

<Itzpapalotl> Yeah. Sounds like she's going to do some crazy-ass suicide mission.

<Itzpapalotl> Pull a Craig in the middle of PL or some shit.

<Sajioshi> pull a Craig, awesome

<Lemon> Delgado, your roll result is ( 2 1 ) + ( Mod) : 2

<Delgado> ahahaha

<Savant`> wee hee hee

<Savant`> okay. you're going to be shit faced by the time you reach the bottom of this glass.

<Mem> hmmmmmmm

<Delgado> Right on.

<Savant`> it's going to be a nice drunk. nice solid buzz, not uncomfortable.

<Mem> think I can boxcar a seduction roll on her?

<Savant`> WORD.

<Delgado> Fuck me

<Dimitri> That's his plan.

<Mem> rofl

<Savant`> is that a expletive or a request?

<Mem> LOL

<Mem> I love you guys.

<Delgado> ....

<Delgado> Jesus H. Christ.

<Savant`> quick mem, order Dimitri to go do something somewhere else! he's going to interefere with your plans!

<Delgado> ahaha

<Savant`> Initiaite Operation Prevent Cockblock

<Detro> How do I spell relief? D-E-L-G-A-D-O.

<Savant> don't draw unneccesarily on the map please.

<Mem> ::whistles::

<Mem> sorry :(

<Savant> Delgdao, negotiations have failed! resort to plan B!

<Karas> Lol!

<Karas> Call out the dice!

<Delgado> Shhhhut uuuuup. You're breaking my sexcitration.  ;)

<Farrell> I'm surprise no-one has accused Detro of being a SLEDGE yet.

<Itzpapalotl> Because he got munched up by shrapnel and was whiny about it.

<dak-obs> Is she playing the damsel in distress card?

<Savant> sort of

<Karas> She's wearing me down...

<dak-obs> hehe

<dak-obs> and bringin ya up? ;)

<Karas> Lol...I like to think that Karas has slightly better control then that...

<Farrell> Karas, what you need to do is obvious. Say "Mommy!" and then bury your head between her "fun bags"

<dak-obs> I should hope!

<Karas> LMAO


<Farrell> ::Detro salutes Tynes, and then seconds later a sniper's shot rings out and Tynes crumples to the ground dead... Detro blinks:: Um, oops. Sorry sir.

<Savant> someone kick Birkin's ass. Mem, too. And some other people too

<Savant> i don't really care who

  • Detro looks at Brad and notices that he's sitting in a funny looking seat with handles overhead.
  • Detro grins evily as he takes a hold of the handles, pulling them down sharply
  • Detro watches Brad fly out of the channel on a rocket ejection seat.
  • Detro waves goodbye, saying "So long screwy, see ya in St. Louis!"

<Detro> Hmm. Wrong pop-up

<Delgado> Someone's getting a full rectal exam without lube if they're not here in 2 minutes.

<Dimitri> I'm sure our gears have bluetooth. But I don't want the CEF to jack into our Bluetooth signal. ;)

<Farrell> <Rasuul> AT LAST! Now I shall see just what this Talon has in their Favorite Five!

<Karas> Gonna have to do something drastic.


<Savant> ::whispers:: sneak a pistol on, Karas. It's for your own safety. So you can save the day. They'll congratulate you.

<Savant> You'll be a HERO.

<Delgado> ::actually puts her arms out in front of her and makes 'grabby' motions, getting ready to grab. .... Yes, she looks stupid::

<Delgado> ::grabsgrabsgrabsgrabs::

<Melissa> ::tried hard not to laugh at the comical sight of Delgado grabbing, knowing that this was serious and deadly business...still, she couldn't help but smile widely::

<Mem> I don't understand what the GREL is doing.

<Savant> he got socked in the head with a rock ;)

<Mem> Oh, okay.

<dakabn> a rock? is this a david and goliath plot?

<Delgado> Fucking hit him with a rock.

<Gabriel> I never even thought of that. It's brilliant.

<Delgado> That's classic.

<Gabriel> This is one damned smart drone. I wants one.

<Detro> If Scil uses that thing to throw our lieutenant here... would that mean it's Raining Mem?

<Karas> I vote we just wait in the washroom and kill them one by one until they are all dead...they all have to go to the washroom at some point right?

<Gabriel> Gabriel's very confident in you. Baby Delgado grows up. First real mission.

<Caelin> you're apparently giving a utopian a tour of the station:)

<Delgado> Oh how I'd love to smack you.  ;)

<Gabriel> ::grins::

<Birkin> you have an APE next to you

<Birkin> people will shit their pants when you come near them

<Savant> it will be messy. But you're a doctor, so you can handle it.

<Melissa> i thought that was the laxitive she put in everyone's drink...

<Savant> poooooooo

<Delgado> Then fuck me, I'm going to kill us all.  ;)

<Savant> Mordred> ::After a brief pause, they settle sullenly against the wall. He turns to his companion and mourns:: We died.

<Detro> "Are you in charge here?!" "Yes, I am." ::Tynes shoots him, then looks at the second man:: "Are you in charge here?" "uh... no... you are, sir." "Damn right."

<Birkin> I Can't move I'm dead <Birkin> I have to lay down <Birkin> and be dead

<Birkin> "Dear Mordredjournal: We died today because we didn't see someone fast enough. I hate this assignment. Mood :("

In Character

<Marshall> It would seem our spare parts, electronics, and quite a bit of miscellaneous equipment were shipped to Ares by mistake.
<Marshall> We got about 3 metric tons of broccoli instead.
<Gabriel> ::reads through the spec, then frowns:: Well. This isn't ideal. But you're right, it seems relatively minor-- broccoli? ::makes a face:: I hate broccoli.
<Gabriel> Wait. Why in the Prophet's name does someone on Ares want three tons of it?
<Gabriel> No. Never mind. I don't want to know.
<Birkin> That's a lot of soup.
<Marshall> See? That's what I said.

<Delgado> M>  ::once he's out she starts rifling through her bag, collecting the tools she needs before taking the tracer and bug:: Thanks.  ::starts to push him over but it's hard in the SUV:: Someone help me expose his butt.
<Marshall> M> ::gawks, but helps Delgado pull down his trousers and underpants::
<Delgado> M>  ::mutters a thanks as she gets him 'into position' then sighs again as she tries to hold the tracer and the scalpel and Henday:: Someone keep his cheeks spread.
<Marshall> M> Not it.

<Ardelmos> ::looks at Birkin:: Jeezus, touchy bunch, eh?  ::a beat:: You ever punched your CO?

<Detro> I don't know if that's extraordinarily clever or if he's committing a blunder of great magnitude.

<Gabriel> Good morning, gentlemen. This is unscheduled security inspection three-seven, a simulated attack by Terra Novan forces.  ::holds up his badge and approaches the Mordred without hesitating::

<Savant> As more of the Talons filter out, they both level their BILs at the group. The closer shouts "Freeze!"

<Gabriel> ::points to the one that shouted "freeze":: Excellent response time!  ::points at Birkin:: You are a casualty.  ::turns to the Mordred:: Unfortunately, the Terranovan vehicles, simulated by our Utopian ally here  ::indicates the Armiger:: have killed both of you in return.

<Gabriel> You will set down your weapons and be seated.  ::points at Birkin:: You will set your weapon down and be seated as well.