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Icehaven is a set of three oasis tower-like structures built into the face of a natural fault line. Each tower is self-sufficient and can house up to 50 000 people; the three are connected by sets of closed pedways and tunnels within the rock face. The interior of each tower follows traditional oasis tower structures with a large open air atrium and central tower.


Icehaven is a relatively new community built fifty cycles before the War of the Alliance. The population descended from southern emmigrants, displeased with the actions of the Southern Republic. These people settled in the Karaq Wastes and, along with aide from Peace River, established a mining community which has since proven to be quite prosperous.

The War of the Alliance affected Icehaven very little - they supplied the polar armies with metals for the war effort, but otherwise they were left untouched. The Interpolar War saw Icehaven occupied by the Northern Guard, where it was used as a resupply base for the soldiers. It was attacked but due to a heavy garrison and Icehaven's position behind Northern lines, the community remained intact without damage.


Icehaven is ruled by a council of elected peers. These Peers in turn elect one of their number to act as a day-to-day leader, who then maintains the position of leader until the elected Peers vote to remove him or her. Politics is languid in the Badlands community - there simply isn't enough going on to warrant political intrigue.

Society & Economy

Icehavenites are typical badlanders - pragmatic and mistrusting of outsiders. However, they maintain a healthy dose of Republican attitudes as well - individualism is highly important to the people of Icehaven, as well as a strong sense of personal honour. As an oasis tower they are used to the presence of outsiders, but any visitor to Icehaven will find that the reactions of the residents are polite, cool and formal, until trust has been earned.

Icehaven has a very strong economy based on the extraction and processing of ores and metals. The lower third of two of the oasis towers are dedicated to smelting, and mining tunnels burrow deep into the mesa on which Icehaven is constructed. The mines run deep into the MacAllen Network, deep enough that the water found beneath the community often turns to ice during particularily cold periods - hense the name of the community.

Two prominent economies beyond ore extraction also exist. A family of bladesmiths came with the emmigrants to Icehaven, and they have continued their fmaily trade with the new local metals. Icehaven blades are considered world-class by an appreciable minority of sword enthusiasts. Additionally, there are a few shops within the community which build parts for Gear actuators - these they sell to Shaian Mechanics in the North to be included in a small-run variant of the Cheetah.


Icehaven fields a small military of mostly Gears. The Northern Guard agreed to sell Icehaven sixty Tiger Gears for an appreciable discount during the Interpolar war in exchange for use of the community as a resupply and rest base - these sixty Gears, along with an equal number of refit Hunters and Jagers, form the basis of the Icehaven Guard. They are generally painted in mottled tan and brown camouflage, but are distinguished by a light blue and white shoulder block, Icehaven's heraldry.

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