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Indra is the only gas giant within the Loki system. Being eight times the size of Jupiter, Indra was close to forming into a brown dwarf star during the systems' formation. Some still refer to the planet as a proto-star, for while it does not radiate visible light it does radiate a great variety of other radiations. Its gravity well is equally massive, being currently eighty times greater than that of Caprice or Terra Nova. This gravity field was enough to tear apart any planets forming either directly inside of its orbit or outwards of it - two asteroid belts have formed there instead, the Lesser and Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt. Indra also keeps 37 small moons in tow, some large enough to be considered planets of their own.

Indra is used by the Capricians as a waystation for mining operations in the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt. Massive ice refineries, such as Heaven Station, have been built in orbit of Indra. All of these facilities have been constructed out of millions of tonnes of rock from the local asteroids and from materials brought in through the mining process. These structures provide the mining ships with protection from the intense radiation of the planet.

Currently, the CEF also has a large vested interest in Indra. They maintain a sizeable garrison force there, and the Third Fleet bases its customs and inspection fleets from a moon in orbit of the planet. Ice mining has made the planet very important to the CEF as well, who have begun to tax the Capricians a tithe of all water mined from the outer belt. This water is shipped back to Earth for undisclosed reasons.

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