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Table of Organization & Equipment

Characters : The members of Black Talon 05, their support staff and their allies.

Equipment : The equipment and resources that Black Talon 05 has at their disposal.

Mission Reports & Unit History

Missions : Current and previous objectives, as well as episode summaries.

Timeline : Chronological record of major events impacting BT05.

Episode Summaries : A by-episode listing of briefing materials, intelligence gathered, and summaries of events during the game.

Intelligence Division

Locations : Far from a complete index of locations, this is a list of special places which Black Talon 05 has visited, or may visit in the future.

Contacts : Known contacts and neutral parties, including Gomorran Corporations.

Enemies : Known enemies and adversaries to the Black Talons in general and Team 5 in specific.

Black Talon Intel : Intelligence gathered by other Black Talon teams in and around Caprice

Special Interest Topics : Catch-all for all other subject areas that impact or are of interest to the Talons.

Supplemental Game Information

Rules : A quick-reference of assorted rules and books pertinent to the game.

Humor : Jokes and quotes that have happened during the BT games.


Heavy Gear, The Black Talons, and all other associated works are copyright Dream Pod 9. All character-specific information is copyright of their respective owners. All else is copyright Colin Pinnell.