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The 91st Combined Arms Regiment is a Western Frontier Protectorate Army unit activated into the Northern Guard during times of war. The permanent home of the unit as well as administrative offices and regimental heraldry is based in Fort Henry, WFP. The unit saw most of it's action in the Barrington Basin repelling the CEF attacks during the War of the Alliance, but has been a part of several large skirmishes with rover gangs, pirates, and Badlanders since then.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Zucco Marcus, WFPA/CNCS Northern Guard
Executive Officer/Duelist: Major Drake Alexander Wallis III, UMFA/CNCS Northern Guard/Vanguard of Justice Team Leader
Alpha Company Commander: Captain Maderas Lucas, WFPA/CNCS Northern Guard
Bravo Company Commander: Captain Jessica DuMoyer, NLCA/CNCS Northern Guard
Charlie Company Commander: Captain Dirk MacEwyn, UMFA/CNCS Northern Guard
Delta Company Commander: Captain Lang Loren, WFPA/CNCS Northern Guard