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Notable Engagements:

Battle of Nineveh

This skirmish presided at the beginning of the war between the independent city-state of Nineveh and the Southern Polar force. In the opening weeks the 201st Southern Republican Regiment "Bodecca's Bastards" launched an offensive on the city state. The battle was over very quickly as Nineveh's defenders were made up of untested pilots who had simply fought in fighting simulators. The defenders atempted their best to defend their home from the oppressive Milicia force but after suffering just over a score of casualties quit the field and retreated, leaving loved ones behind. To the credit of "Bodecca's Bastards", they did in the last portion of the engagement offer all defenders the option of surrendering if they evacuated their vehicles and surrendered. Not a single defender chose this course of action and all of them have assuredly progressed north towards Erech spreading news of the Southern advance. Some natives of the Badlander's are refering to this as the Slaughter of Nineveh. Any statistically inclined individual can review the facts and just over a score of fighting troops is killed in a combat situation, and the rest of the garrison force retreats, abandoning the city is hardly a slaughter. If anything the invaders were being generous allowing them to retreat even after already uttering an ultimatium.

There is news however that the AST's generosity has only gotten so far. Any soldiers involved in the Battle that did not lay down arms and surrender, if found will be contained and every third soldier, at random will be executed as an example to not scorn the compromises of the AST. This was a general order from the high command and it is to be known that there is a ransom of 1,000 dinars for every soldier brought to their attention.