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Peresalona is a small oasis tower city-state on the edge of the Karaq Wastes immediately adjoining the Eastern Desert. It is situated upon an escarpment directly overlooking a broad expanse of sand - the differential between themperatures ensures that there is constant wind driving up from the desert and into the Peresalona valley.

The small tower itself resembles the conning tower of a landship more than a traditional oasis tower - there is no grand atrium inside of the tower as is traditional in badlands communities. Instead the internal space is devoted to work rooms and manufacturing facilities. This is complimented by a large tarmac outside of the tower, with two long air strips extending on terraces along the sides of the valley.


Peresalona was founded by the Peresalona family during the era of City-States on Terra Nova, when the city-states were only just beginning to form into leagues. It was founded by an entreprenurial family wishing to act as long-range couriers between the northern and southern poles. While the animosity that grew between the two poles has made business difficult, Peresalona remained viable enough to keep itself alive, and even prosper with the manufacture of its desert-hardened brand of aircraft turbine.

The War of the Alliance came as a shock to Peresalona. Since they were so far away form the fighting they acted only as couriers - until the CEF opened the second front at Baja. At that point Peresalona played a small but important part of the air interdiction duties along with the polar armies, and aided PAxton in their push to close up the front.

The interwar period brought great prosperity to Peresalona as there was a revival of the Badlands economy (as well as their allies, Paxton Arms). This was not to last, however, as the Interpolar War brought great tragedy to the city-state. The Northern Guard bullied Peresalona into using its state as an air base, which ensured heavy repercussions from the Southern MILICIA and Republican units acting in the region. Fighting in the area was particularity intense - Peresalona was the closest airstrip to war-torn Rahnguard during the conflict.

With the Interpolar war finished and Paxton crippled, Peresalona has entered a unique time in its history. The Peresalona family is now led by Nalda Peresalona, the youngest leader the company has seen thus far. Reconstruction has been completed since the end of the war, but whether the company will prosper is still very much under question.


Peresalona is a corporate-owned city state with all of the citizens working for the company - even if only nominally so. Everyone is paid from the coffers of the company, and everyone works to further the success of the Peresalona Air Service. In this manner Peresalona is something of a commune. Rulership remains in the hands of the Peresalona family, which have been the company's ownership since founding. It's far from democratic, but perfectly legal and voluntary. The citizens are free to leave, but few do - the leadership of the Peresalona family has normally been fair.

Law is simple and direct in Peresalona - generally determined by an executive of the company in the form of one of the air wing captains or the head of the company herself. Punishment is nromally in the form of community service or a pay cut. Severe crimes are punished by firing and removal from Peresalonan grounds - exile.

Society & Economics

Peresalonans enjoy a unique culture due to their location and business. The company originally chose the valley because of its location in respect to the local clientele, but they found the valley very steep and extraordinarily windy. This suited them fine - the thermals aided take-offs and kept the valley clean. Once the valley walls were terraced for runways the Peresalonans quickly found that it was easier to use gliders or ultralight aircraft to move from terrace to terrace instead of ground vehicles.

Since that point, Peresalonans generally learn the basics of how to fly before their 15th cycle. Because of this each and every citizen of the tower is a qualified pilot with a large number of veterans or greater. This aides the two industries of the valley - air transport and aircraft manufacturing. The transport service is robust and brags that it can ship regardless of weather conditions. This is backed up by the skill of the pilots and the Peresalonans' skill at creating resilient aircraft. The turbines and control surfaces are all constructed within the tower itself, and while they aren't nearly as fast as polar aircraft they are capable of flying through much more adverse conditions.

The Peresalonan culture is open, friendly and honest, with little of the typical badlander mistrust of outsiders. Instead of the paranoia, Peresalonans have another intolerance - this towards laziness. They have no time for those who slack at thier jobs and will quickly decry any such indolence. However, showing oneself to be a hard worker will earn immediate respect.


The Peresalonans have no standing ground force - their 30 Gears and various trucks are used for cargo loading and maintenance - though the Gears do have weapons stored within the hangars in case of emergencies. Instead, the Peresalonans field the most robust air force seen outside of the major powers of Terra Nova - this air force doubles as their air transport service. The Peresalonan gunship in particular is a devastating ground attack craft that, while incapable of matching speeds with a polar interceptor, is more than capable of tearing apart tanks, Gears, or other ground forces.

Because of their military strength, Peresalona has entered into a contract with the local badland communities in a defensive pact - for a small fee and preferential treatment, Peresalona defends the territory from raider forces when they are encountered. There is very little an average Badlands raider party can do against a Peresalonan gunship.

In short, the Peresalonans are incapable of maintaining sovereignty from the nearby North, but are perfectly capable of defending themselves against the normal troubles of a Badlands community, and more.

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