Rahnguard Region

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The Rahnguard region, also known as the Near Karaq Defence Region by the Northern Guard, is the region of the Karaq Wastes due east of Massada and bleeding into the Eastern desert. The zone technically continues down to the equator, but the border of the region varies depending on Guard patrols. While the North claims the zone as a protectorate it is independant of the CNCS.

The terrain of the region is treacherous - the entire region was uplifted and folded long ago in geological history, leaving the area broken and rugged. The MacAllen network surfaces in numerous areas. However, due to the same geological processes, water and mineral resources are plentiful in the region. The communities in the region are relatively wealthy and independant as a result. This has encouraged the Northern Guard to be more protective of the communities here - and to force favoured trade relations with the North as a whole upon them at the same time.

The region suffered greatly during the Interpolar war - some of the heaviest fighting was done in the eastern quarter. The communities that survived have been quick to rebuild however, and the region is once again becoming a centre of Badlands industry.

Notable Locations

Icehaven, a producer of ores, minerals, and high-end actuator parts.

Peresalona, a corporate courier and aircraft manufacturer.

Rahnguard, a trading community destroyed during the Interpolar War.

San Molei, a xenophobic underground community.

Toledo, the largest oasis tower in the region.

Whitegrass, a nominal Northern community.

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