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We will be using the Availability Rules for the purchase of units. While building your initial force do not worry about rolling for availiability, but you must stay within the Max Units Available limits listed on each page. This should be fairly basic, but do be warned - I will be watching!

Building your Forces

  • Initial builds must fit within the Maximum Units Available limits as listed in the rulebooks. Some vehicles are not given an Availability in the book. If you see a vehicle with an Availability of 0/Unlimited, it has not been listed! Ask the GM to give you an availability.
  • Once your force has bene purchased and submitted, the GM will audit it to ensure that it fits within Availability thresholds. You will not be allowed to play until you have submitted a compliant force.

Purchase of New Units

  • You will be provided with money every round with which to purchase new units. Before adding the vehicle to your TO&E, however, you must make a Qualified Availability test against the Availability Threshold of the vehicle. Failiure of this roll means that hte vehicle is not available this Strategic round - but the player may choose to record a +1 to his roll for the same vehicle next turn. This roll will be cumulative until the vehicle becomes available, at which point the bonuses disappear.
  • You may purchase as many vehicles as you like during the Supply phase, so long as you can continue to make the Availiability tests for each purchase.

Changes to Availability

Some vehicles have unusual Availabilities; they were designed with a large Tactical game in mind and not a broad-scale Strategic engagement such as this. Following is a list of changed Maximum Units Available limits and the books in which these vehicles can be found.


TARGET DESIGNATORS:     AV 5         x
     (1 per squad)
TROOPER, AAGM:          AV 5         x
     (1 per squad)
TROOPER, AGR:           AV 10        x
     (2 per squad)

BADGER:                 AV Unl.      NVC2
BADGER, Rabid:          AV 10        NVC2
BADGER, Cavalry:        AV 5         NVC2
BADGER, Medevac:        AV 5         NVC2
CAMEL, Stinger:         AV 6         NVC2
ALLER:                  AV 9         NVC2
ALLER, Verder:          AV 6         NVC2
ALLER, Hardy:           AV 6         NVC2
KLEMM:                  AV 9         NVC2
KLEMM, Jaxon:           AV 6         NVC2
KLEMM, Baxter:          AV 6         NVC2
KLEMM, Bandit Hunter:   AV 6         NVC2
KLEMM, Chaser:          AV 6         NG
TYBURR:                 AV 6         NVC2
TYBURR, Stormhammer:    AV 6         NVC2
BEHEMOTH:               AV 9         NVC2
BEHEMOTH, Ammo Loader:  AV 6         NVC2
MURDOCH:                AV 3         NVC2
MURDOCH, Seeker:        AV 3         NVC2
ANTELOPE, Spotter:      AV 6         NVC2
ARTILLERY, LFG:         AV Unl.      TFS
ARTILLERY, HLC:         AV 3         TFS
ARTILLERY, 2HGM:        AV 9         TFS


CAIMAN:                 AV Unl.      SVC2
CAIMAN, Crocodile:      AV 6         SVC2
CAIMAN, Alligator:      AV 6         SVC2
ELAN, Evil Eye:         AV 3         SVC2
HUN:                    AV 9         SVC2
HUN, Ballista:          AV 6         SVC2
HUN, Hittite:           AV 6         SVC2
HUN, Ostrogoth:         AV 6         SVC2
HUN, Celt:              AV 6         SVC2
HUN, Recon:             AV 3         SVC2
VISIGOTH:               AV 9         SVC2
VISIGOTH, Vandal:       AV 6         SVC2
VISIGOTH, Blitz:        AV 6         SVC2
VISIGOTH, Khan:         AV 3         SVC2
BARNABY, Mother:        AV 3         SVC2
ARTEMIS:                AV 6         SVC2
ARTEMIS, Laser:         AV 3         SVC2
NIGHTINGALE:            AV 5         SVC2
ARTILLERY, LFG:         AV Unl.      TFS
ARTILLERY, HLC:         AV 3         TFS
ARTILLERY, HRP:         AV 9         TFS

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