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Consolidation Movement

After Engagements are completed, any combat vehicle is moved back to its original point, linking back up with its Logistics unit.


Engineering Vehicles may build (Size x25) TV of defencive works in any hex. Add 25 TV for Light Mining Equipment, 50 for Digging Cannons, 100 for Heavy Mining Equipment, and 10xRating TV for a Tool Arm. Vehicles with Minelaying Equipment count as being twice their Size when laying mines. Below are listed the TV for common defencive works.

  • Roads: 5/50km Strategic Scale
  • Defensive Works
    • Razor Wire, Light: 4/hex
    • Razor Wire, Heavy: 16/hex
    • Communication Wire, Exposed: 4/hex
    • Communication Wire, Entrenched: 24/hex
    • Fascines: 25/hex, 5/bale (May be carried by vehicles)
    • Revetment: 100
    • Foxhole: 25
    • Trench: 50/hex
    • Dragon's Teeth: 50/hex
    • Hedgehogs: 50/hex
    • Ditches: 25/hex
  • Mines
    • Anti-Infantry: 9/hex
    • Improved Anti-Infantry: 18/hex
    • Anti-Armor: 24/hex
    • Improved Anti-Armor: 54/hex
    • Haywire: 40/hex
  • Buildings
    • Garage (+1 to Repair rolls, capacity 10, 100 SP): 100
    • Hospital (+1 to Recovery rolls, capacity 50, 100 SP): 100
    • Bunker (10 Soldiers, 100 SP): 100
    • Airfield (5 Size Points of aircraft, 50SP): 100

Construction Vehicles

Jester has created a couple of analogues to civilian construction vehicles:

  • Front Loader, with Heavy Mining Equipment and large tool arms
  • Bulldozer, with Light Mining Equipment and small tool arms

Both the North and the South also have Engineering Gears for this purpose. There are also a couple of standard civilian Engineering Gears:


All vehicles that are In Supply regain a full load of ammunition. They cannot stockpile ammunition in the form of extra clips or truckloads of missiles - these must be purchased separately in the Purchasing segment of the Supply phase and then delivered to the unit that requires them by a unit with a Cargo Bay, if the unit to use the additional ammo is not stationed in a Polar city.

Repair and Recovery

Engineering and Medical vehicles may be dispatched to any number of sites within their Deployment Zones to recover damaged vehicles (of either side) or injured personnel. Each vehicle may bring back 5x their capacity in injured personnel or Size Points of vehicles/salvage, but no other vehicles are appropriate for these tasks - APCs will bring back wounded infantry, for example, but these infantry will be returned to a Polar hospital and be considered a casualty due to lack of emergency medical attention.


Technicians are given a number of Labor Points every Strategic Turn: 5x their Quality. These may in turn be used to make repairs on vehicles. Any repair attempt will consume Labor points, following which is a Quality check - failing this roll still consumes the Labor points.

    • Armor Loss: 1 per point
    • MP Loss: 1 per MP
    • Maneuver Loss: 2 per point
    • Accuracy Loss: 1 per point per weapon
    • System Destroyed: 5
    • Power Transfer Failure: 5
    • Crew Compartment Failure: 10
    • Structural Failure: Size
    • Comms/Sensors: 1 per point
    • Auxiliaries: Perk cost
    • Armor Loss: 1 per point lost
    • MP Loss: 1+1 per point lost
    • Maneuver Loss: 2+2 per point lost
    • Accuracy Loss (per weapon): 2+1 per point
    • System Destroyed: 5
    • Power Transfer Failure: 5
    • Crew Compartment Failure: 7
    • Complete Structural Failure: 8
    • Comms/Sensors: 1 per point lost
    • Auxiliary System: 3

The Repair roll may have modifiers: +1 for working in a proper vehicle bay (a building for the express purpose of repairing vehicles), +1 for having two or more times the required Labor points to complete a task.


Medical staff (including the staff of medical vehicles) may work on 2 injured personnel in any given Strategic Turn. The medical staff will roll a Quality check vs threshold of 5 for every casualty - success will see the casualty returned to active duty for the next Strategic Turn. Failure means that the casualty must be sent to a Polar hospital and is lost. This roll will be made at a +1 if the medical staff have access to a proper field hospital or better, and with another +1 if there are more than one medic working on the casualty.


Next, money is awarded to North and South based on the number of cities and towns controlled, bonuses that may be acquired, and other factors. Money can be used to purchase units, equipment, or special ammo. All purchases initially propagate in the polar city of the player's choice, including Azov and Fort Neil, but not any other Badlands community. These purchases cannot be moved until the following round.

Special Weapons and Ammunition

Special Ammunition may be purchased for certain weapons. This is most common for Missiles and Artillery Cannons, but other weapons do have options. Ask for details!

New Units

Regiments may make purchases of new units. Availability must be adhered to when new purchases are made.


Any money not spent by the end of the supply phase is saved in coffers for next turn. These coffers are to be made publicly available to both sides.

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