Terra Nova

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Former colony of Earth. After abandonment by Earth, Terra Nova's denizens settled down into polar leagues and entered a long, protracted cold war. By the time Earth returned, both sides were nearly about to begin a global war. Instead, both sides signed an uneasy truce and put their efforts into fighting off the Earth and the CEF.

Afterwards, both sides were beginning to drift towards old rivalries when the threat of Earth reared its head again, destroying one of the major cities with an antimatter device. Both sides eventually agreed to create a common military program known as the Black Talons, which would serve a multitude of roles during its lifetime.

For obvious reasons, this entry is limited in nature. For more information, including in-depth information on the major political powers, cultural information, and a look at Terra Nova's major cities, we recommend: Life on Terra Nova, 2nd Edition and the Heavy Gear Player's Handbook, 3rd Edition

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