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Toledo Tower is a traditional oasis tower situated on the western side of a broad valley leading into the Eastern Desert. It is on one of the higher elevation points in the region; Toledo uses the commanding view of the surrounding region to ensure that it and the caravan routes through the valley are secure from raiders. It is a very large structure, larger than the average oasis tower but otherwise uninteresting. It is connected to the MacAllen Network through two artesian wells.


Toledo Tower was founded by the Toledo Corporation shortly after Peace River was established. It hoped to gain the same notoriety and prestige that the Paxton Arms corporation had achieved with their city. However, interest in the company's civil manufacturing and light automotive products simply wasn't there. The company faltered a short 50 cycles after establishing the tower, when Socorro offered to help fund its continuation. Socorro cleverly gained use of Toledo's manufacturing lines and gained the trust of the local populace, all the while opening up to the international market more with a production facility outside of the CNCS.

The Interpolar War was difficult for Toledo Tower. The community is easily accessed from the Eastern Desert due to the broad valley which it is perched beside, and the Northern Guard mistakenly placed its emphasis on Rahnguard instead of Toledo. The Southern Republic moved a small fleet of landships and took Toledo for an entire cycle before finally being dislodged by Northern ground forces. Fortunately, Toledo avoided the rampant destruction of Rahnguard, and escaped the war relatively unscathed in comparison.


Toledo Tower is ruled by an elected official. However, the tower is a direct democracy - lawmaking is by consensus of all adults (over 25 cycles) in the community. The growing population of the tower has started to strain the system, so current debate is on whether to switch to a representative democracy. The populace is split on the topic.

Society & Economics

Toledo's population tends to behave the way an average badlander would - practical-minded and stoic. That being said, they are also very political. The participatory nature of Toledo's government requires all of its people keep informed on recent events - politics is commonly the topic of discussion at hte dinner table. Every morning each adult citizen is given an information package of the events of the previous day as reported from various independant newscasters in the tower. Amateur newscasters often publish their own stories, which are widely read and referred to, and highly respected. Voting is done through electronic means for small daily affairs, and large or important matters are held through town meetings and mass video conferencing.

Toledo has a diverse economy cemented together by Socorro's investment. The Northern arms manufacturer has expanded into the automotive industry with Toledo's popular Caravaneer caravan truck and the Sand Shark ATV. on top of the automotive industry, Toledo boasts a small autofactory (purchased at great expense by Norlight Ventures Inc. at the inception of the tower) which allows it to produce small civil products which are sold throughout the Karaq Wastes. While these products are not well known in the poles, they are widely used and relied upon by the badlands communities and have a reputation for durability and efficiency.


Toledo is rabidly militant, and always has been. They have gotten a similar deal with the Northern Guard as has Icehaven - they have purchased old Northern surplus at minimal cost in exchange for a mutual defense pact. Toledo fields almost two hundred Gears and a company of twenty light tanks, along with a standing militia of five hundred infantrymen. In addition, they have lined the ridges of their valley with advance warning sensors and cleverly concealed pillboxes to ensure that any invaders have a nasty surpise.

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