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Tribe 8 is potentially another game to be run by the same GM as Black Talon 05. This section of the wiki is being created to help introduce players to the setting, the world, and the metaphysics of Tribe Eight.

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Please note that all setting information is being presented with a very definite bias - these entries are being composed from the viewpoint of the culture in which the player characters will have grown up. It is far from true. But it's what the characters believe.

  • The World as We Know It - A lot has happened to the world over the past generations. It is no longer recognizeable as the home of humanity, but is now something a lot more complex than we had ever imagined.
  • The Island of Vimary - This can rightfully be called the new home of Humanity - at least as far as the Nation of Man is concerned. Posessing a diversity of ecospheres for such a small place, Vimary is a microcosm surrounded by the Great River.
  • The Nation of Man - Ruled by the Fatimas, the Nation of Man is the bearer of the torch of civilization in a sea of darkness and barbarism - again, so long as you believe what they say.
  • The Tribals - The Nation of Man is composed of seven Tribes, each ruled over by a Fatima and each posessing a specific role in within the Nation. None of them are capable of being wholly independant from the others, making the Nation a byzantine complex of politics between each.
  • The Fallen - These undesireables have suffered the worst fate imaginable - stripped of their souls, the Fallen have been cast away from the Nation of Man and left to die in the wilds. Making their homes on the tiny island of Hom to the south of Vimary, these criminals and vagabonds are a constant irritation to the Tribes.
  • The Keepers - Surviving in their underground bunkers and hideaways, the Keepers have kept the ways of the Old World alive as best as they have been able in an increasingly hostile world. With powerful technology and strange demeanours, the Tribals tend to give the Keepers a wide berth.
  • The Squats - These savages are what are left of humanity outside of the Nation of Man. They are sometimes cannibalistic, usually violent, and don't bathe. The Fatimas have stated that they have no souls, so the Tribe of Joan spare them no quarter and show them no mercy when they arrive at Vimary's doorstep.
  • The Z'bri - Demons and angels alike, these creatures are the trapped spirits that have plagued the world for generations and brought an end to the World Before. Driven mad in their captivity within the World of Flesh, unable to cross back to the World of Spirits, these spirits have grown malevolent and corrupt. It is only the Fatimas that keep the scourge at bay.

  • Westholm - A village on the edge of the world.



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  • Salicia - Magdalite Siren, Favored of Magdalen. (played by dakabn)

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