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The Helios System

At Terra Nova:

The Loki System

At The Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt:

  • Moscow Base

At Indra:

  • Heaven Station
  • Arjuna (moon)
  • CEF Third Fleet Garrison at Airavata (moon)

At Carthage:

  • None Yet

At Caprice:

The Sol System

At Earth:

The Heofon System

At Ravana:
At Gehinnon:
At The Sinone Belt:
At Horus:

At Utopia:

At Zion:

At Nirvana:
At Isis:
At The Areolas Belt:
At Avadon:

The Eos System

At Euryphaessa:
At Ouranos:

At Atlantis:

  • Selene
  • Theia
  • Gaia

At The Titan Asteroid Belt:
At Hyperion:
At Rhea:
At Aurora:

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